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Wataniya Eid Celebrations
12 December 2008

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2 September 2008

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26 April 2008

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25 April 2008

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STO building ...
4 March 2008

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valhu at friday mosque
18 January 2008

Recent Comments

photo sur toile on Islamic Centre
Magnifique photo, le ciel ressemble presque à un océan à l'envers, il y un côté ...

nazeee on Gulaabee Magu
its a street name

Glennis on black dressed woman
This is a good shot, I like it. But I doubt that she would have been pleased to be photographed.

Glennis on Gulaabee Magu
I wonder what the bright sign says ormeans.

fai on people
i think a swimming competition is goin on my guess,,,

fai on surfboard stand on artificial beach ...
ocean and beaches are all arnd maldives,, all arnd male' harbour was done, n ther were no beaches for people n ...

fai on sleeping under the sun
ths is sumthin i had neva seen in male' in my entire life.. but wat to say..

Rosemildo Sales Furtado on black dressed woman
Olá amigo! Tens um espaço maravilhoso, com lindas fotos, porém seria bem melhor se colocasses um ...

Ian Hamzah on black dressed woman
Salaam from Bahrain! I did not know that women also wears Abaya in Maldives!!! Nice shot anyway!

nazeee on Lonuziyaarah kolhu
this was around 5pm... safety lights are installed on top of each aerial. no problem to this day since it was erected ...

Gatto999 on black dressed woman
I like this shot so much !.. Ciao from Italy :)

Standley on Lonuziyaarah kolhu
Is this a morning light Nazeee? We can hardly see the aerial. Quite dangerous for iarcrafts pilots!

Abs on Lonuziyaarah kolhu
Welcome back!

Hilath on Lonuziyaarah kolhu
Really nice. Hope to see more. Cheers.

brattcat on flags
Beautiful photograph. You've got the balance and color, texture and depth just right.

Cecile Schlebusch on on the streets of Maale
Great capture of 'everyday' life, love the repetition of the blue in it's different hues .... ...

Buck on A Seagull alongside President’s Office
I like the tall and narrow perspective here, very nice!

bitingmige on wataniya bodu mas on eid
I love the monotone, it gives a real aura of expectation.

Laura on east coast ...
lovely shot. well composed and cropped

Hilda on The BIG Fish
Oh, and I wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year!

Hilda on The BIG Fish
Cool! And very creative. Palm leaves and grass?

JM on Wataniya Eid Celebrations
Great photo! I realy like it!

Dimitrios on Blur

k@ on wataniya bodu mas on eid
Great street scene !

Abraham Lincoln on wataniya bodu mas on eid
It is a nice photograph. It shows that people look the same all over the world. Only the clothes are somewhat different.

Lynette Hanson on beauty
Happy holidays to you and yours from Mama, Duncan, Lamont, Leland, Kailey and me in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Steffi on beauty
Very cute photo!

MSD on beauty
beautiful little one!

Ronnie 2¢ on LCD on the back of the camera can be very helpful
hee hee . . yes, I've managed to catch a few of these myself ! Love the feeling of the crush.

JM on dancer
Very nice portrait!

RaChel on hello
i don't like spongebob but i loveee barney lol at least, my son does:) love the colors, good job!:)

Ronnie 2¢ on boy shakes hand with his coolest cartoon character
Makes for areal special moment . . but you have me wondering what everyone else is looking at !

Hilda on boy shakes hand with his coolest cartoon character
Awww, that is so cute!

Baruch on Traditional dance
Great photo - Traditional dancing is always great to watch

Kim on Traditional dance
Such a cool photo of a traditional performance. . .and then there is Baby Bop walking around in the background bringing ...

Nomad Flavor on Wataniya Eid Celebrations
Very Tender and expressive. The Red is really outstanding as is the expression(s) of each individual participent. A ...

Nomad Flavor on Can Man
Out in the upper zone somewhere!! Clearly intertaining and colorful. Nicely rendered!

james on Xream ugliness
Caught my attention, can't put my finger on it yet. Nice work.

Ronnie 2¢ on grass man
hee hee . . I like to make myself think he arrived on one of those motorbikes!

Deepak Acharya on grass man
oh ! scary......

Sharon (Phoenix Daily Photo) on Can Man
This is a very creative costume!

Deepak Acharya on Can Man
OMG ! completely a different snap !

Deepak Acharya on Wataniya Eid Celebrations
A great capture

Siam on Wataniya Eid Celebrations
very good very warm-hearted street portrait, ambience

Marion on Wataniya Eid
very cool photo collage! I love seeing so many shots at once! :)

Ronnie 2¢ on Wataniya Eid
Your presentation here really sets the spirits free . . love how the color threads thru the grid !

thierry on Eid Mubarik
a very nice shot with this fishing boat. The colors are really beautiful

k@ on police
:) Like the subject, the humor and the framing with that black line cutting the front part of your pic*

Deepak Acharya on police
A great capture indeed....Kudos !

thathy on into the road
very cool shot!!

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